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For more information on dates and locations for classes not presently scheduled, please email me.

Why New Year's Resolutions Fail & What You Can Do About It!  Have you ever made a New Year's resolution you didn't keep? Welcome to the club. Every year millions of people "resolve" to make changes in their lives, but few succeed. Why? Because they're going about it the wrong way. Resolutions don't just happen, we have to make them happen. In this class, we'll get to the bottom of "resolution busters"---things that almost always guarantee our resolutions will fail. We'll explore everything from brain functions that make change difficult to common myths and strategies for change that can make or break your best efforts. You'll leave with simple solutions designed to keep your resolutions on track this time around. This class is for anyone who wants to understand the practicalities of making long-term behavior and lifestyle change in their lives.


The Art of Romance: Make Your Valentine's Day! Learn to transform simple ordinary dates into memorable romantic experiences. All you need is the right "recipe," a few basic ingredients, a little ingenuity and a commitment to making the people in your life feel special. We'll cover everything from the basic elements of romance, simple, but VERY IMPORTANT ways to nourish the people in your life on a daily basis and what it takes to plan the kind of occasion your loved ones will treasure for years to come. This class is appropriate for anyone in established relationships, people who are dating or thinking about dating and anyone who just wants to make the people in their life feel special.


Capture the Magic of the Holiday  Transform ordinary holiday celebrations into ones that enrich your life and bring you closer to the people you love. Put meaning back into your holiday celebrations, create new traditions while retiring old ones, adjust to changing family shapes and sizes, facilitate family celebrations across the miles, give gifts that touch people's hearts without breaking your pocketbook, and gracefully deal with the inevitable stresses and strains that traditionally accompany the holiday season. Create holiday celebrations you can treasure throughout the year and the rest of your life




For information about having Dr. Gilbert present this class to your church,

business or community organization for the holiday season, please contact

Dr. Gilbert at (425) 455-5400.                                                          TOP


Schmoozing For The Holidays The holiday season is upon us and with it a host of social obligations and opportunities.  Learn to make the most of them---how to strike up conversations with the boss, be a gracious spouse and make a positive impression on your co-workers.  Learn how to host gatherings that put both you and your guests at ease and tips for making time spent with relatives go more smoothly.  From winning introductions, conversation starters, entries and exits to strategies for making new business and personal connections, it's time you learned to schmooze your way through the holidays.



Currently available for corporate or organization presentations only

For more information email or call (425) 455-5400




Renée Gilbert, Ph.D.
40 Lake Bellevue, Suite 100, Bellevue, WA 98005
(425) 455-5400 Email: socialskills@reneegilbert.com
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