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Email Policy . . . . . .

Many of my clients have requested the option of communicating via email.  Because email is a relatively new form of communication for the psychotherapeutic community, we are still working out the implications of its use.  The following policies are subject to change.  Please check back from time to time to review for changes (current as of 8-25-05).

If you have already read my email policies (see below) and consent to the use of email as a form of communication, please click here
If you are uncomfortable with email as a form of communication, please contact my office directly at (425) 455-5400.

            Thank you

Confidentiality . . .

  • Because email is generally less secure, I cannot offer the same degree of confidentiality for email correspondence as I can for other forms of communication.
  • When you email me from a given account, I will assume that it is acceptable to return mail to you at that same email address.  While I will do my best to honor requests to return mail to a different email address than the address from which your mail was sent, I do not have a system in place that can guarantee an error will not be made. Consequently, it's best to refrain from emailing me from accounts you do no wish me to return mail to. Alternatively, you can avoid embarrassing situations by setting your email program to list the address you want your mail returned to as the address that will be accessed when I press the reply button.
  • Because email accounts require a third party to maintain, I cannot guarantee the confidentiality and privacy protection provided by the vendors involved.
  • While I endeavor to protect my computers from hackers, viruses, worms and other threats to the security of your correspondence, I regret that I cannot fully assure their protection.
What is a good use of email?

  • If you are potential client wanting to know more about my services or simply want more information about my practice.
  • If you are a client and have a document you would like me to review or be aware of before our next meeting. It is always a good idea to bring a paper copy to your next appointment, as I do not always have an opportunity to access your email.
  • If there is a development in your life you would like me to be aware of, but is not urgent enough to require a phone call.
  • If I have asked you to email me as part of your homework assignment.
  • If you have a quick question that cannot wait until your next appointment.
  • If there is information I need to provide you with between appointments.
While I do my best to respond to email correspondence in a timely fashion, it is an additional service that I cannot always keep up with.

Inappropriate uses for email . . .

  • As a substitute for therapy sessions.  If you are emailing me about a therapy issue, I will almost always postpone responding until your next appointment.  Additionally, because the volume of email I receive can be overwhelming, I must treat email much the same way I would treat a phone call to my office and will bill for email correspondence requiring more than 15 minutes to process.  As with phone calls, billing will be done in 15 minute increments.  NOTE - THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO NEW CLIENTS SEEKING INFORMATION ABOUT TREATMENT PROGRAMS or CLASSES.
  • While I appreciate the advance notice of appointment cancellations and/or the need to reschedule your appointment that email often provides, to guarantee you will not be charged a late cancellation fee, all cancellations must be made by phone within 24 clock hours of your appointment time--thereby assuring I will receive your message promptly.  A kind thank you to those of you who choose to both call and send email.

Please note - while I check my email often, there can be gaps of days at a time when I am away from my computer.  If you are having difficulty reaching me by email, please call my office at (425) 455-5400.

Informed Consent . . .

I understand that by initiating email correspondence and/or providing you with my email address, I am agreeing to use email as an acceptable form of communication for confidential information.

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Renée Gilbert, Ph.D.
40 Lake Bellevue, Suite 100, Bellevue, WA 98005
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